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About Us

     Majestar started its business in Lome ,the capital of Togo,in 1996,to sell the  imported Chinese light industrial products inTogo and other neighboring countries. After gradually accumulating business relations,Majestar has been  occupied in this business of procuring and trading agricultural commodities since 2007. At beginning,we sold cocoa beans of Togo origin to China.We have developed very quickly both in the number of countries and of products with which we deal in the past more than ten years.

     At present, Majestar has branch companies in Western and Eastern African Countries,such as Togo ,Burkina Faso,Senegal, Benin, Tanzania  (it is planned to set up branches in Ivory Coast and Ghana in 2020). We purchase primary agricultural products , mainly  sesame seeds、 raw cashew nuts、peanuts directly from the origin and sell them to China and Vietnam .  We continuously invest in infrastructure including warehousing、processing machines,training quality controllers to ensure that we successfully manage the entire chain of operation from collection, storage and processing,quality control to packaging, road transportation and sea shipment.

     Since 2017, the company has started buying rice from Thailand, Pakistan, Myanmar and other countries and sending them to Togo for sale.


      In 2019, the company purchased about 60,000 tons of raw cashew nuts, sesame seeds and peanuts from Africa, and began to cooperate with other parties to process raw cashew nuts in China  to prepare for the future development of processing business. The company sells 10,000 tons of rice to Africa.Great progress were made in the various business areas for last year.

    Majestar International Company has always adhered to the principle of observing contracts and keeping promises in the procurement and sales of agricultural products , and regard quality control as the top priority. It has established good relations with many upstream and downstream partners and gained high reputation among Chinese sesame seeds 、peanut buyers and Vietnamese cashew buyers, laying a solid foundation for further development in the future.



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